2 thoughts on “The Gale

  1. w. D. Lees

    will try this again. Hasn’t worked in the last 4+ ATTEMPTS. As attempted to relate before, you are a man of surprises!!! Nice work, You paint such a variety of subjects, and I personally like the techniques, Don;t get a swelled head….I am no expert, except in what I like. Any fall hunts??

    1. Garland Thayer Post author

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate your thoughts.

      I’ve concluded that the arts (broadly understood) are (at least in my view) best when approached as a hobby and not a profession. The aestheics are real, allowing for a better incorporation of the fancy and/or imagination. Perception easier to personify, so forth… When something becomes ‘professional’, it seems to me to decline in worth. This has application in a host of areas (fields), including sport. I am not a supporter of licensing. After all, people do have minds.

      Regarding hunting, as I mentioned not too long ago, there is little enthusiasm. That’s okay, of course. The kids are engaged with school and their jobs, soccer too… Ski season is around the bend. Hopefully the area will get some moisture in the hills. My new sport is simply taking a long walk with our dogs and the kids in the mountains or throughout the neighborhood, reading a bit more and dabbling occasionally with the paints or photography.


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