Without (for Sport)

Without (for Sport)
     fall, 2015

If you can pedal into the wind without the doping,
Bend the oar in sync without prescriptions,
     Compete on the pitch without the biting,
     Swim like a fish without the bong hits and super suits,
If you can hit the long ball without the floozies,
Ski race without getting bombed the night before,
     Quarterback your team without deflating,
     Swing the Louisville without the gambling,
Drain a swish without the prostitutes,
Box the distance without the cocaine,
     Guard the wicket without rigging the game,
     Race the thoroughbred without the cobalt,
Drive to the checkered flag without the modifications,
Dig for the volleyball without the booster’s benefits,
     Skate gracefully without declining to take the shots,
     Be on center court without the obscenities and racket smashing,
Run like a deer without the suspicious blood passports,
Execute a Granby Roll while wrestling without the ‘roids,
     Avoid the theatrical blood while in the scrum,
     If you can curl without rough brooms,
Dive like a penguin without peeping,
Glide across the snow without the plasma expanders,
     If you can attend college without being recruited for cash or goods,
     If Regents can preserve academics without filling the stands,
If you can study in the same library as your non-competing classmates,
And avoid having tutors write your papers for you,
     If you can keep your recruiter from enrolling you in sham classes,
     And your coach can lead the team without an improper touch,
     If Countries can host without the bribery,
     And Leagues be formed without the corruption…
Alas! Given the state of sport, what is one to do?
Stick to casting flies on clean rivers with cheap bamboo.

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