November Mountain Biking

C C Trail 11-22-15     One of our family members succumbed to cancer over the weekend. It had been a lengthy affair. Cancer seems to be a common ailment these days. I lost a close Missoula friend and former colleague to cancer not too long ago. I miss our weekly coffee visits and his often witty take on the markets.
     This afternoon I decided to do some mountain bike laps on one of the local trails. This followed my having picked up on Friday my two mountain bikes from one of the local shops. The bikes had been there for over a month. Jogging and the cross bike had been filling in during the period; however, one gets tired of occasional episodes such as a diesel pickup truck slowing down just as it passed and then hitting the gas hard followed shortly thereafter with red break lights. One recent and rare Pattee Canyon asphalt (road cycling) experience…. So, I grew wary of not hearing from the shop and stopped in. At any rate, it felt great to hit the trails. There were many folks out in the afternoon sunshine, most wearing light down athletic jackets or similar cold weather apparel. There were trail joggers, fellow mountain bikers, and families walking with their children and dogs. Many smiling faces under warm caps. Maybe the notable gregarious orientation was a result of the Grizzly victory over the Bobcats Saturday?
     Missoula is an ‘outdoor recreation’ town. Rivers and mountains just outside one’s door – not to mention two national parks relatively close by as well. The city also has significant cultural flair. This is due in part to the wonderful University of Montana. I’ve been here for twenty five years. Our children have been fortunate to grow up here. This of course will not be fully appreciated until each one experiences life in other parts of the country; however, I’m sure they’ll look back and say, ‘Man were we lucky to have grown up in Missoula!’

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