Skookum Lake, Idaho

Skookum Tree B-W               It was decided at about three o’clock this afternoon to go do something outside. I reckoned a quick trip out Highway 12 to Fish Creek would do the trick – if for no other reason than to simply get the dog out of the house. As Erin and I drove west past the Woodman School, a favorite area filled with excellent cycling memories, we made a last minute decision to take a detour to the south. I had brought along a rod for Fish Creek or perhaps Lolo as at the moment during the afternoons the only options are the smaller streams; however, we decided to nix the fishing idea and trek into Idaho up the scenic Elk Meadows road.

              This area has been a popular recreation site for us over the years. It’s a fine place to take youngsters to canoe and trout fish (with an Idaho license, now pretty spendy for out of staters…). In the spring the Lilies are quite nice. For those willing to portage the canoe for a brief jaunt into the area, it’s a good spot for kids to learn to paddle. Someone put a nifty rope swing in recently as well. I’m not sure the last time we were there, but it sure felt like home dropping in this afternoon.Skookum Lake Idaho

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