To the Links

MSO golfSeth and I made it out to the driving range Friday afternoon. A round of nine holes followed. This was someone’s first round of golf, so it was pretty entertaining. It took a little work, but we managed to work the big John Daly swing down to a standard effort. Once that was achieved, the turf was a bit safer. It was a nice afternoon to be along the Bitterroot. The mosquitos were not as bad as can be typical on the small three par course, located next to the retriever grounds. There were not as many turtles noticeable in the small ponds, but the geese were abundant. We were fortunate to not have much pressure behind us. Quite a few parents were out on the course with their children. I watched one fellow manage along with four kids, each toting their own bags. Nice to see. Seth got the cart for his first round, however. We did not want to hold up folks, should matters have completely deteriorated. I myself still have trouble coming to grips with playing the game of golf in such an outdoorsmen’s paradise, having dropped a golf membership long ago for that very reason. Too many other great pursuits in the area to enjoy during the few warm months each year. However, it’s a fine game to pass down, so I don’t mind getting out occasionally tracking down a little white ball. The woods are filled with long hitters…MSO L. Vista

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