6 August – Hiroshima 70 Years Ago

So today I removed the below poems I’d properly cited.  I also nixed the Pinterest account as well as it of course contained others’ photos.  That after all is largely what Pinterest is, others’ photos. The Internet exists largely for advertising and this has never appealed to me.  Where would the great technology firms be without the West’s consumerism? This is why I pay the small annual fee at WordPress and Flickr, to avoid the ads. The poems are available elsewhere and it’s probably the case that a journal should simply reflect one’s own writing. Though, of course, the cited work of others does reflect one’s own mode of thought during various periods. The below remain favorite reads:

Yone Noguchi’s ‘At Night’
E. Dickenson’s ‘They Say That Time Assuages’
Homer’s ‘Hymn 19 – To Pan’
John Keats’s ‘To Sleep’
John Keats’s ‘On the Sonnet’
W. Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnet LXVI’
A.E. Poe’s ‘Spirits of the Dead’
W.B. Yeats’s ‘The Gyres’
Anna Akhmotova’s ‘I Taught Myself to Live Simply’
Vladimir Holan’s ‘Reminiscence’
Thomas Hardy’s ‘A Plaint to Man’
Thomas Hardy’s ‘The-To-Be Forgotten’
Thomas Hardy’s ‘Ah, Are You Digging on My Grave’

On this day 70 years ago the United States dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. Today, I watched Hellfire. “A Journey from Hiroshima captures the artists Iri and Toshi Maruki in their decades-long collaboration to create a testament to the effects of the atomic bomb – the Hiroshima Murals.” The documentary is balanced covering the Nanking Massacre (the artists’ Nanking murals) as well. It is an excellent work and helps one to fully understand the reasoning for present day pacifism in Japan. The murals are remarkable.

History principally demonstrates military solutions are not the answer.

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