Old Friend

indian paintbrush_edited-1

indian paintbrush,
         fire’s illuminating collage below
                    Blackfoot ravens.

         Saturday afternoon I cycled up Second Thought to Point Six a few times to clear matters. This used to be routine. Spectacular sunsets, reflections, vernunft. One had a soccer tournament the same day in Great Falls, another in Missoula. I reasoned what was one afternoon? Next weekend spring soccer wraps in Billings, a long drive. So, I figured let the legs burn for an afternoon, two days post Trail 513. My first time back to the hill in quite a long, long while. Not sure actually the time of the last visit? Pat was washing his motorcycle outside the lower Cat shed. Art was running the Backhoe atop the Headwall by the pond. Realizing the Beargrass would most likely still be obstructed by winter’s remaining deadfall, I stayed with what should be clear. The Backhoe’s tracks below the Griz Chair had made the climb quite loose in switchback sections. Rewarding work. No other tracks. Small piles of felled pine in upper areas. No game sighted, though one large pile of purple bear scat was noted under LaVelle. Flathead evident from an upper aspect. Point Six’s north face still had pockets of snow obstructing the way above small lakes in the lower Rattlesnake Wilderness.

glacial Wolf,
         an ethereal couloir above
                    the Mission’s Jocko.

distant wolf_edited-2

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