Sheep Mountain

Sheep Mountain
waning moon-
         mountain snow gone
                   too soon

At eight last night I took a shot into the setting sun. The Rattlesnake’s foliage below appearing blanched by the evening’s sultriness. Sitting on the upper talus reflecting, I recalled a great raptor’s brown and grey feather resting in the trail beneath Blue. While cogitating, family and friends, the Pintlers, Missions, Bitterroots and Glacier, the state of the world, streams not flowing in their natural beds…, I gleaned above two thin white lines streaking westward, parallel and tight yet dissipating against the orange hue. Missoula’s transcendent rivers. The east fork rivulet known but not visible in the lower undergrowth. Trout and flies. Old rods.

terrain green-
         Blackfoot Valley an
                    uncommon scene

During the descent a large brown leg galloped across the trail ahead in the distance. A momentary aspect, the rear left quarter of an elk ~ or was it a moose? Typically a brown mass a scampering bear. Noble creatures.

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