Todd in the ‘root

IMG_9077_edited-1Managed some time fishing with Todd a few days ago. Temps have been unseasonably warm for this time of year, so we decided to hit the water. One can see there’s still some snow above on Stuart, but things are fairly sparse in the hills. The elk herd made the hill behind the house the night prior to last, a Missoula perk. Great place to be, Missoula. Plenty to do in the outdoors and it’s only a quick walk to the rec.

Only noted a few rises during the fishing. It was a sub-surface affair, principally small nymphs.  Someone was lucky not to get his ear given the overly optimistic long distance casts. “Keep it simple, shorten your pitch and you’ll have a better presentation. The fish are there,” I politely lectured. All one has to do is keep fishing, eventually in some section he’ll find a taker.

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