2 thoughts on “Shalom, Paz, Frieden, As-salamu alaykum

  1. Richard Davies

    Garland–What a meaningful holiday greeting! Your use of various words for peace reminded me that in the magnificent space of the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City when the time comes in the Mass to pass Christ’s peace, the liturgist intones the words, “shalom, salaam, peace and Мир (mir)” before the congregants pass the peace on to each other. Your use of this word in multiple languages reminds us of the great variety in human culture but also focuses on the thing that we need to “read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest”—if we are to survive, let alone, thrive on this small planet.

  2. Garland Thayer Post author

    Doctor Davies,

    Sorry for the late catch of your comment. I do not often sign back into WordPress other than to write a new post, which as you may realize has not been too often lately. I appreciate your thoughts. Peace in a religious context or otherwise is a tall order today. I sense its gradual erosion into darkness. This is unfortunate as I was once quite optimistic. There are too many interests (think in broad terms) in the world perpetuating conflict and war. Religion seems to drive much of the conflict in the world as has been the case throughout history. This being the Christmas season and your having mentioned St. John’s in NYC, I will simply state that I see myself in the camp as seeing Christ as a humble man with a constructive moral message which largely was/is beyond one’s scope, strive as one may. Many philosophers, teachers and writers have expounded the important virtues. Material peace for me is found in the mountains or on the streams with family and true friends. Peace be to you, Doctor Davies. ~Garland


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