October in Missoula

Missoula 10-20-14Posting a few quick shots here of autumn activities in the Missoula area. Above was tonight’s hike to above Windsock on Sentinel.neighborhood1-1Photograph of turning Aspens and a lamp post.seth_edited-1Pattee Canyon is setting up for some type of a prescribed burn (a “test”) I reckon (below). Thinning out the backside of Sentinel. Should be interesting and perhaps a waste of a resource?  I lost count of all of the wood piles.  Riding in Rattlesnake with Seth, David and Whit recently (above).pattee wood burn testThe Whitetails have been active in our yard lately as seen in the two photographs taken below. Big game (rifle) opens this weekend statewide. We’ve still not yet been waterfowling . Temps have been unseasonably warm.  Should be doing more fishing.  The state high school soccer finals begin this week.whitetailSeth and David peddling along the Rattlesnake Corridor.IMG_8112Pattee Canyon fall colors below.Fall in Pattee CanyonTwo deer roughhousing above a worn Aspen’s base and the archery target area.deer above archery standColors among neighbors landscaping and stop signs.auf horen-1Contrasting colors among landscaping.  Life clings to the stands though renewal will win the day.neighborsAt the Beacon (below) above town during a quick mountain bike outing.  Saw a few Mule Deer and Blue Grouse, a party of three distance runners as well.Missoula Oct 2014A final shot of turning Aspens in the backyard. Nature at her finest. green and yellow backyard

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