Green Bluff

Walter's Fruit Ranch 2014Well, we managed to squeak in our annual pilgrimage to Green Bluff once more over the weekend. This morning we visited Walter’s Fruit Ranch where we noted the Newfoundland had also made it through another winter and summer as well. The place was quite active, which I thought a little bit odd given the time of year. It’s not quite October and was unseasonably warm. We realized that given the fact we were a few weeks earlier than usual we’d probably miss some of the changing colors; however, we drew antelope tags again this year and the opener falls (happily) on the only available weekend in October without a soccer or volleyball game. So, Spokane was in late September this year. The trees and shrubs are beginning to turn. After picking a couple of boxes of apples, Fuji and Honey Crisps were available, we bought some cider and had fresh apple pie. At Siemers Farm this afternoon I stood in a large Strawberry Patch and took the below photograph. Siemers was busy as well.

On the drive back I thought of Hoffman’s last film, A Most Wanted Man, which I took in Saturday night with Seth and Todd at Spokane’s lessor answer to Missoula’s Wilma, the Magic Lantern Theatre on Main Street. It’s situated among bars and restaurants.  There happened to have been a small art exhibit in the arcade as well. The movie was well done and Hoffman had a sobering tone. It’s quite a state we are in today. I listened to Lana Del Rey’s mesmerizing voice in her latest work, Ultraviolence, driving over to Spokane and back to Missoula. Perhaps she’s the modern day Patsy Cline with a darker twist? The header, Ultraviolence, is perhaps the one song on the album that for this writer is almost too hard to stomach; however, the overall work is excellent. What else went on? Oh, I read, among other things, an interesting review of Dying Every Day (a book by James Romm) in the New York Review of Books. Hughes wrote a nice review which I was glad to note spilled into the important fact that Seneca towers high among the ranks of the greatest hypocrites of all time having written gallantly about the fruits of modesty, a central Stoic tenant, while at the same time having had immense wealth. Having read some of his work, I often questioned this issue.  I reckon, as in most historical matters, one had to be there to understand.  Interesting times.  Stoicism itself is quite appealing.  Romm’s compare and contrast, Seneca with Socrates, sounds like a good read.strawberry patch

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