On The Superhero Fallacy

On The Superhero Fallacy

Who should youngsters place in a positive light?
Has the Hollywood propaganda machine got it right?
Spiderman, Superman, Captain America, Batman, et. al.
Or, perhaps something more realistic and quite practical?
How about a small businessman who will hire the young grads?
He or she does not care whether or not their Muscleheads.
Private sector employers are the true shining lamps,
Drowning in taxes and regs are these, the nation’s real champs!
How about a teacher, music instructor or coach?
Much more constructive their guidance and approach.
So much today is mired in violence and vain combativeness;
How about a leader who actually shrinks the budget and debt!
Can media types glamorize those with the knowledge to foresee?
Those with the fortitude to avoid an economic calamity?

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