Nature and Experience, great Sovereigns are these,
Tilling the earth with their dictates for each and all to heed!
Nature corrects errant and profligate governments time and time again,
Fertilizing her soil with the lofty thoughts of men.
Ah, Experience, what deep body have thee to dredge?
From her stand stoutly rises Locke’s growth of knowledge.
See the leaves of autumn turning yellow to red and brown,
Regenerating Virgil’s garden, bringing empires down.
Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot – What understanding from their decrees?
Chairman Mao’s millions as well – The Great Leap into the sea!
These men were only yesterday – What hath been learnt?
Ashes upon ashes – men, women and children burnt…
What seemingly benevolent guise crests the cancerous waters of today?
Islam, Christianity and Judaism – their radical practitioners torching the way.

           G.J. Thayer
           8 Sept. 2014

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