Deer Creek Range

range with todd iiTodd and I recently went to the Deer Creek Range to enjoy some shooting and perhaps get ready for the fall opener. We drew Lope tags again this year. However, Todd has soccer and Erin volleyball, so hunting is subject. It’s always fun to shoot the .270 BAR with iron sights at targets. My first hunting rifle I purchased in the late 80s at the Kittery Trading Post in Maine while a student in Boston at NU. I shot my first bull elk in the East Fork of the Bitterroot with the rifle with iron sights. Shortly thereafter, however, I switched to a Steyr .270 with a Leupold 12x scope, with which Todd shot his first antelope. We also sighted in the CZ Mannlicher (a .308) at the 300 yard site. Todd managed to hit the hanging metal target with the BAR at the longer range.  The sun’s evening glare was horrid.  We also shot the Kimber .45 for fun as well. Silly how much this has appreciated in value since I bought it.  I should sell it, really. 

It was a pretty decent day.  There were many shooters at the range. Kids were shooting clay pigeons with their father. A couple of guys were shooting their bows getting ready for archery season. Actually, I was shocked at how busy the place was? A cyclist rode by along the railroad outside of the range where I’ve often cycled (sometimes with the kids as well).  Many thanks to the Clawsons et. al.range with todd

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