Her Notes on the Walls

Live Well ~ Laugh Often ~ Love Much
below the breakfast room mantel

Bon Appetit
above the spice room

Bless All Who Gather Here
above window in main dining area

Dull Women have Immaculate Homes
above the utility room

Home is Where your Story Begins. ~ A. Danielson
above main entryway

Life is not Measured by how many Breaths we Take,
but by the Moments that take our Breath Away.
above a table in her office

Keep Calm and Carry On
below her ribbon rack

Do Something Creative Everyday.
above her cork board

Given enough Diet Coke,
I could rule the World.

her office

The Most Important Work You’ll Ever Do
Will Be Within the Walls of Your
Own Home.
~ Harold B. Lee
above entry coat closet

Always Wash Your Hands ~ Mom
above sink basin in main floor lavatory

Love, Honor and Negotiate
above master bedroom entry

Grant Me Patience to deal with my Blessings.
master bedroom above alarm box

Tomorrow is a New Day; begin it well. ~ Emerson
above master lavatory sink basin

Live in the Sunshine
above master bath’s tub

Blue Nude ~ Picasso
his print in the master lavatory

Trees and Undergrowth ~ Van Gogh
basement stairs, his print above the salt mine

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