Divorced from Daffodils

It’s the month of May! Where have you gone,
    Wordsworth? Where have you gone? The daffodils’
annual bloom for a second spring is off the lawn!
    The neighbor’s are there, yet our shoots yield only a chill.
The Horses are nearby, Steller’s Jays and Flickers too,
    Spending time among the Ponderosa and Aspen.
It has been said man knows not what is true!
    I took to the mountains high above the glen;
Being divorced from daffodils does not lock nature’s door,
    For one finds other channels along high rivulets,
Spring’s melting snow and ice yield flora galore,
    Old Man of the Mountain, Sagebrush Buttercup and Glacier Lilies I met.
Perhaps ‘tis for a reason man is not to know,
For Pan’s flock relies solely on his stewardship to grow.Glacier Lillies

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