Good Friday

So arrives Good Friday,
Amidst wind and scattered snowflakes.
A sensible market holiday,
Respecting an act of love and humility.
In whom can one truly place his Trust?
Note the world today,
Shades of Hades govern.

Katrina and New Orleans,
Sandy and New Jersey,
Tsunamis in Japan and Indonesia,
A typhoon in Philippines,
A lost Malaysian airline during
The era of technology, no less!
A sunken South Korean ferry,
A Chilean earthquake,
Exploding oil platforms,
A Norwegian massacre,
Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech.

Shall one broach the subject
Of conflict and war? Pick a state.
The proliferation of arms across the globe.
Who benefits? Imagine trade focused on
Fruitful wares.
Conflicts abound, too many to note.
Suffice it to say radicalized religion
Rearing its ugly head from ALL sects
Plays a role as has been the case
Throughout history. Man will never

So, on Good Friday, one can look
To the impossible to heed
Sermon on the Mount and seek
Ethical guidance from the one
Who on this day gave his life
To reconcile with the reprobate!

It is a comfort not to live for today,
For possibly through faith,
grace looms.

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