The Seahorse

The Seahorse

Among a backdrop of a lofty canvas of blue,
A breeze brought forth what I first observed in gratitude;
Dark cumulous clouds on a bed of white as well,
Gradually forming a Seahorse above to dwell.

I gazed in awe at the image, its head stately poised,
The creature clearly forming, bringing momentary joy;
The body with temperance rocked to the fore and to the aft,
The picture unfolding though the horse seemed to laugh!

Then from one peering dark eye above the elongated snout,
Mendacity herself from the celestial perch did sprout!
What was this creature formed by the shades?
Galavanting about, putting on a parade.

The seahorse’s tail curled while floating its brine on high,
Its image having become less tranquil aloft in the sky;
Alas, in a gale of humility did the portrait finally dilute
Above April’s emerging green daffodil shoots!

~ g.j. thayer

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