On Cupcakes and other Matters

              26 March 2014


         I apologize for not having written more promptly. Your recent follow up on the specific sections of work pertaining to “one man one work” had me turning back myself to the text for a brief refresher. However, more importantly, it had me thinking this evening following a few articles I’ve recently read and news segments viewed that occasionally men feel that society must pull the oars together rather than as single scullers. One needs, though, to look far downstream (or upstream, whichever may happen to be the case) to still fully grasp if this should (in the particular case) remain so.
         For example, Periwinkle, during a segment this evening a popular talk show fellow I believe skirted the issue of something larger that needs to be fully addressed to be appreciated. A cupcake was presented at the host’s table for debate, the segment outlining the proposal of the government (big G – DC, little g – NYC, you choose the Gg) to associate the consumption of low quality dietary nutrition (the cupcake – DC, large container of soda – NYC) with having a greater impact on society’s overall carbon footprint. Whereas the prior line was to “promote health and decrease the risk of chronic disease.” As the nation’s elites seem to be engrossed with the world’s carbon footprint, one may suppose this new strategy of the present administration is geared towards attracting the attention of said folks to pull together with the environment in mind as well. An apple tree, after all, has a beneficial impact on the environment and yields nutritious fare as well.
         Beyond this, however, one needs to have a look upriver or downstream, whichever may tend to be the course, not skirting the larger issue. It’s quite simple for one to say, “Hey, who is the Government (government) to tell one what they may or may not consume?” and let the discourse play out as it may; however, downstream resides two larger matters which also may be tied into your latest epistle. Principally that at the end of the line is a sacred cow called Medicare which along with Social Security presently is responsible for roughly half of all of the nation’s annual budgetary expenditures. Medicare, you see, is having to absorb the eventual impact of the dietary actions of the nation’s citizens. On another economic level and the lower “g” level, this can be applied to Medicaid as well. So, thus looms one significant downstream matter. Yet another issue may be that of the nation’s overall health, which may be tied in to its national security. The latter being understood on its own merit, I’ll leave alone for perhaps another note in the future.
         Regarding the former, one finds oneself asking the larger question which is, What is the role of government? Should one be allowed to eat cupcakes, smoke, drink excessively, not exercise and generally over indulge if in the future his/her actions will cost society greatly in the form of higher levies and/or collective program premiums? It seems to me that this is the gist, the crux if you will, of the true nature of the matter. Perhaps, one might argue, particularly coming from the “one man one trade” theme, these burdensome collectivist programs might be gradually phased out and citizens made responsible for their own habits and actions? Were this to be the case, might one take better care of himself? Perhaps if possible save a little more as well? Were such third party collectivist programs not available, might the cost of care and drugs decline?
         These are not small questions, Periwinkle, and it may be that society has reached the dependent state where markets will have to do what markets eventually do, naturally correct what is not natural. The electorate, you realize, may not act in what is in the country’s best long term interest, rather seeking what may be bestowed in the present day. Do you realize that average life expectancies are headed into the nineties, cupcakes and all! I suspect that budgetary constraints are going to bring forth these issues in large measure at some point shortly. That might be once excessive borrowing becomes less procurable.
         On a lighter note, Tulip and I have been enjoying some fine walks along the river lately and we’ve taken in numerous soccer and volleyball events as well. I even bought a fishing and spring turkey license though I’ve yet to wet a line this year. We moved the raft under the deck in order that our oldest might enjoy parking out of the snow. Hopefully there will be some spring skiing shortly and a canoe trip or two down the local streams. Looking forward to your next note, farewell.

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