Sunday on the Hill

IMG_7439Justin, Todd and I managed a day on the hill today. Although a Missoula local, it was Justin’s first day skiing Snowbowl. It snowed throughout the day pretty much non-stop. Visibility was low and the snow was deep. Many of the old regulars were having a good time following yesterday’s closure due to high winds. I expected lines to be significant given the large accumulations we’ve been having, but the typical Sunday low crowd scene prevailed, meaning no lines. Todd caught up with some of his old team buds and a coach who let him sneak in some slalom runs on the Mt. Bakers. This was pretty funny as he’s not skied for a couple of seasons, today being his first day back out since 2012.IMG_7446The Snowboard Jam was going off and the vendors were set up outside of the Last Run demoing their gear. Conner, one of Todd and Justin’s friends at Sentinel, a snowboarder, joined our group as well. Favorite run of the day was while Todd was skiing the course I snuck in one off of Red Bud’s nose. Untracked and quite pleasant.IMG_7438

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