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IMG_7381As I type the wind is howling up yet again from the canyon below. I just drove back from Georgetown Lake and the Discovery ski area where the sixth grade class at Meadow Hill had a ski day. The class was quite lucky as the conditions on the hill were fine with plenty of much needed cover, a result of the recent capricious elements. Three busses departed early this morning from the school.  There always seems to be fun awaiting one between Missoula and Clinton when it is snowing and this morning once again did not disappoint. The roads were icy going over. Seth a while back asked me to plan on attending, so I drove over in the old Toyo and was able to make some runs during the workday as well. I took a snap in the blowing wind and snow of Seth along with his friends standing midway down Motherlode, one of the expert runs we skied between numerous Tea Cups (a winder between the trees in another section). Discovery is a nice little hill close to town with fun terrain, particularly on “the backside.” A fellow from Helena, with whom I rode up the lift, mentioned the owner is going to put in (has) a lift that will take one to a base just outside of Philipsburg. His speculation was that this was in part to cater to the summer mountain bike crowd (and other recreationalists) along with the skiers in the winter. I noticed one ice fisherman on the lake this morning. The snow was blowing off of the lake and covering sections of the road in white drifts. I was surprised there was one fellow willing to sit out there braving things; however, the fish in Georgetown are quite large and maybe he knew something today which others didn’t. Driving back, it almost felt like a chinook, with temps having risen to the forties and the roads in much better shape.IMG_7443The elk made it out recently to the hillside above the ranch behind our home. This is always a welcome site that seems to occur each year – the South Hills Herd.IMG_2219I took the above photo of the old Chouteau Zion school last weekend at the Great Falls fairgrounds. Todd and I carpooled two of his teammates over to the indoor soccer facility which is located on the fairgrounds. The elements in Great Falls were bitter but it turned out to be a productive practice for the team in preparation for their future tournament in Vegas and maybe Phoenix.  Quality family time.

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