Trekking with a Son

garland and seth hikeIt was a beautiful afternoon
For a hike into Missoula’s
Surrounding mountains. The snow
Level is high, but we managed to find
The old crusty white matter. On our chosen
Route, we crossed two runners and
One lady walking two dogs. Surprisingly,
Our lab behaved, not having to be put on a lead.
“All of these trees are Ponderosas,” I
Stated as we climbed through one section. We
Took photographs among the fir, though. The trail was
Ice covered in many areas. Numerous times
My companion and I slipped here and there.
Chains we needed on our boots – but we managed.
garland and seth hike ii“This is an area where I sometimes
Ride,” I mentioned. “We should ride here
In the spring,” I continued. “Do you recall my
writing about Sheep?” I inquired. “Yes, of course,”
Seth, looking into the tall stands, quipped.
“I’d like to take you up there like I used to
Do with your older brother.” I smiled recollecting
Old days.
We found a fort among the greenery, constructed
By Whom? We knew not. Previous travelers.
“These are lion tracks,” I pointed out in one
Area looking into the snow at our feet.
“We should turnaround!” My companion
Perplexedly expounded. “No, look at the tracks. These
Are old. Somewhere, though, they are around. This
Is their terrain,” I comfortably remarked. I like
Cats.seth in fort

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