Lion’s Tree Sale

IMG_6707It was ten below zero this morning in Missoula. My son Todd went to the Griz playoff game. I had the eleven o’clock to two shift with “Doc,” selling trees in the fairground’s shed this Pearl Harbor Day. This has been a long tradition for the Missoula Downtown Lion’s Club, selling Christmas trees to raise funds for the organization and ultimately the local community. I’ve been partaking in the event for a few decades now and each year it’s nice to see the smiling and often familiar faces as they work their way through the bins. Today we had heaters attempting to thaw some of the trees so that they might drop after removing their shipping twine. Grand Fir, Frazier, and Douglas natives are some of this year’s offerings. However, given the cold, the trees would not quite cooperate, remaining almost glued in their frozen tight state. We had juvenile community service helpers today, which was most welcome.

The Lion’s Club has been a wonderful service organization to the Missoula Community. There are numerous in town, resulting from a breakup in the past of one larger body. Each, though, principally focusing on sight related issues in the region. Purchasing eyeglasses and exams for the needy, conducting eye exams in the local schools, funding equipment purchases such as a neonatal care unit for a local hospital and defibrillator unit for a fire department, even funding local city parks. The Lion’s club has funded many activities locally and the tree sale is one way for the community to support the Missoula Downtown Lion’s Club and its activities. So, come on by and buy a tree.

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