the Fan

IMG_7178Molly and I made the trip over to Helena, carpooling to watch some of the state championship soccer tournament. Actually, she caught a couple of day’s worth of the action. We, of course, were cheering principally for the Spartans, with whom Todd normally plays. This tourney, however, he was “the Fan,” residing on the sidelines with a knee impairment, yet maintaining his enthusiasm cheering for his teammates. Sentinel lost to Billings yesterday in a battle for fifth. The highlight was catching the tail end of the Hellgate, Big Sky game which went into overtime at nil, nil. There was a chaotic scene at the end with a bit of controversy.  The battle for third went to Big Sky.  Congrats to Bozeman on their repeat state victory.  It’s been fun watching the players in these organizations who often compete together in the statewide club programs. The weather cooperated.

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