Late October ~ Missoula

IMG_2090October is nearing its end.
Large game opener Saturday past.
Eastern Washington bested the Griz.
Not a soccer game in sight.
Yet, I decided not to hunt.
Shining sun on falling leaves
and thinning trees.
IMG_2097I rode Jake – my cross bicycle – on Saturday, instead.
Brief climbs above the Bitterroot.
A large mule deer buck below an
acquaintances’ home stood guard over many does.
Safe in his semi-urban setting.
Missoula is semi-urban at best.
IMG_2092“Come on son, it’s just an hour
out of your week.” I remarked.
“No, I went recently.”
“Ok, it’s not mandatory,” I consented.
Better down the road most likely,
this method.
Later Sunday once more – post Presby sermon – I cycled through
falling maple leaves,
Recollecting something about perseverance
and laughing to myself.
All Hallow’s Eve and
All Saints’ Day just ahead.
The sidewalk yellow below golden trees,
Running along the grey fence.
Is it ski season yet?IMG_2071The shrubs demonstrate their fire in late October.
My youngest and I took the DU wagon to
gather pumpkins at the local Alliance church
fundraiser community event, just below the house.
A refreshing Sunday afternoon reprieve with Wen too.
She would have preferred a canoe float with the decoys.
Caught three past episodes of McLaughlin in the evening
and one Prime Minister’s Minutes.
The UK is having an energy crisis.
We are fortunate with our abundant resources.
The weather link says something about a cold front
moving in?
“Is it ski season yet?”
One son needs snow tires.
Listen to the wind.
It’s blowing in the darkness of this Sunday night
under the moon.

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