I thought of watching the Deer Hunter this evening, but it being ten o’clock and that old favorite being quite long, I figured I’d spend a moment writing in the journal for a brief moment instead. Writing an online journal can be a perilous endeavor, especially when done with candor as has always principally been the case.

So, I’m at the desk having a hot water with a slice of lemon and small amount of honey. Feeling pretty pleasant following some intervals (for fun) on the erg. Liszt tonight. I thought another storm was on the way up from the south, the Bitterroot, given the lightning Erin and I noticed looking towards Lolo and St. Mary’s following her volleyball game; however, it is now relatively tranquil outside in the darkness under a full moon. Are trout more active at night feeding under a full moon?

Last night I was trying to figure out how it came to be that some of the words in the text had become links for ads? It cost me $99 to subscribe to the level to not have ads. Still exploring that one. Writing of tech issues, today was of interest also in that a forestry prof. friend from Australia sent me an e-mail that my Twitter account had been hacked and I was sending spam down the Twitter stream and down my Facebook wall as well, as I’ve connected the two. Fortunately one only (at the last check) with the usual banter about how to lose weight. A password change later, and I wait for the next one… For numerous years I wrote a blog on Blogger and never had the issues I seem to be having with Twitter and FB, perhaps WordPress as well. It’s entertaining getting weight loss spam as I used to be pretty into endurance athletics, with works around my home office like Cordain’s The Paleo Diet and Eberle’s Endurance Sports Nutrition. I digress.

At any rate, I took in the Sentinel soccer bout with Flathead, which occurred during the volleyball match between the same institutions. I can’t think of a better thing to do than take in these events, especially while we still have three at home. Everyone says don’t blink because before we know it, they’ll be gone. I’ve seen this over the many years helping folks plan for such occasions, given my mundane occupation. So, I have a clue about how quickly things pass. The soccer game went well for Sentinel. The freshman girl’s v-ball B team, not quite as desired.

I found myself flipping through some old books again, one being Lewis’s God in the Dock where I happened to land on the 9th chapter, “We have no ‘Right to Happiness.'”As is the tendency, I found myself agreeing generally with his words. Regarding marriage, Lewis, writing many years ago, takes one back on the old familiar loop still being grappled with in society today and probably many years hence. Lewis writes, “If we establish a ‘right to (sexual) happiness’ which supersedes all the ordinary rules of behaviour, we do so not because of what our passion shows itself to be in experience but because of what it professes to be while we are in the grip of it. Hence, while the bad behaviour is real and works miseries and degradations, the happiness which was the object of the behaviour turns out again and again to be illusory. Everyone (except Mr. A. and Mrs B.) knows that Mr. A. in a year or so may have the same reason for deserting his new wife as for deserting his old…. Secondly, though the ‘right to happiness’ is chiefly claimed for the sexual impulse, it seems to me impossible that the matter should stay there. The fatal principle, once allowed in that department, must sooner or later seep through our whole lives. We thus advance toward a state of society in which not only each man but every impulse in each man claims carte blanche. And then, though our technological skill may help us survive a little longer, our civilization will have died at heart, and will – one dare not even add ‘unfortunately’ – be swept away.” (Eerdman’s 321-322). Is the grass greener? It rarely is.

I reread through David’s episode with Bathsheba this week as well. Did I mention something above about a loop (circle). It was interesting to read about David’s eschewing Adonijah in favor of the younger Solomon, following which David simply chose to eliminate Adonijah altogether. I had a distant grandparent (1800s) named Adonijah and had forgotten the biblical story. Interesting choice for Otis’s middle name (son of Job Thayer). At any rate, Solomon had numerous wives. The two poems in Proverb 31 are thought to have been written for Bathsheba, Solomon’s mother, and in the text, king Lemuel to be king Solomon himself (also probably the author). There is much irony in the text of this paragraph. Solomon’s writing on vanity always appealed to me. We can strive, but depravity will always be there lurking in the background.

Just went up to reheat the new concoction. Still a few distant flickers of lightning to the south, it now being midnight. Molly and I managed to make it to our nineteenth today. I received a Costco container full of chocolate covered almonds, and she Ghirardelli’s dark with sea salt! No telling what the future holds. A day at a time.

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