Labor Day Weekend

IMG_6141We were able to enjoy the Labor Day weekend while happily in Missoula without a significant athletic function to attend elsewhere.  One of Seth’s soccer coaches, Steve, graciously showed our oldest son, Todd, how to change his own front break pads.  Steve is a versatile fellow who has a mechanical background and drives around Dodge in what appear to be old beaters, but run like tops.  Oh, and Steve also knows his way around the soccer field as well.IMG_6144Seth and I took in a ride on the Kim Williams trail Saturday afternoon.  This is a fun area to take children to ride as it is flat and not tedious.  We did, however, ride up and along the Deer Creek Rifle Range, which still has a neat little single track that connects the Kim Williams trail to the Deer Creek Road.  The range was active and we thought there may have been an event of some sort going off while we quietly cycled by.
IMG_6152There was the usual activity on the Clarke Fork, which meanders through Missoula.  We observed a beautiful wooden drift boat with a fellow in a cowboy hat who while rowing was also trying to contain three children who were carrying on and fishing at the same time.
photo-11 Saturday wrapped up with my attending the UM Grizzly, Appalachian State football game. My buddy, Nick, happened to have an extra ticket to the opener, which also happened to be a night game. There’s something about sitting in the North End Zone where the crowd might be termed borderline certifiable. It was loud. There were fireworks post game and the Navy SEALs parachuted in just prior to the kick off. The game was fun and the Griz played well. Hopefully the Griz can maintain this momentum for the balance of their season.

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