the Trade

photo-6the Trade

Behind oak or mahogany, you ply your ways.
Stainless Parker flowing blue.
Screens of green or red, which is the day?
Guiding others through and through.

How to allocate, ‘tis the primary occupation.
Income or growth the aim?
Retired or still in accumulation?
Tolerance high or low for pain?

Day’s gone by One bought a gallon of milk or gas,
A book of stamps, a dozen eggs.
Eroding value comes to pass,
Productivity and innovation to avoid the dregs.

This is the charge,
The battle to win.
For the retail Advisor
No system to gin.

Hoping to avoid a lost decade,
Following those who have gone before.
Inflation, disinflation or deflation,
Which one will be the door?

This is the principal banker’s charge,
Listening to the wind as it plays.
What is the gale this morning, boys?
A red sky last night, or grey?

Smith and Schumpeter,
Sages of old.
“Creative destruction,” all teeters:
Capitalism gradually to socialism, correctly foretold?

The “Invisible Hand,”
Rightly the route.
Through charity, and foundations society must band,
On this, let there be no doubt.

Buying and selling of intangibles,
Smiling all the while,
Carve, cut, slice, package – not understandable.
Orange County had sent a shot across the bow.

Greece, Ireland and governments galore,
Searching for that higher return.
“Never reach for yield!” one may have implored.
But reach they did, still feeling the gunslinger’s burn.

Feasting on one’s own fare;
Leveraging to futility.
Lehman, insurers, banks, and Bear,
Drown in the sea of insatiability.

Though packaging provides invaluable pieces,
For lending within – another tool!
Securitization, liquidity for loans, receivables and leases,
Not quite a shadow or dark pool.

Equipment, airlines, the autos too,
The lending lubricant runs the machine.
Reviving the dead, what we had to do.
Employment stable, maintaining the green.

“Caveat Emptor” should be the way,
How to let fail and still stay afloat?
Regard not the stamp of Aaa.
But who are the sophisticated buyers in this boat?


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