Random Goings-on, this being a journal and all…
—-Yesterday while at the office, I flipped through an old work in which T.S. Ashton drew forth an old Schumpeter quote, …”a socialist form of society will inevitably emerge from an equally inevitable decomposition of capitalist society.” Schumpeter was pretty keen and understood the circle that often complicates my mind.
—-I was able to enjoy some time recently in the local wood. For some reason I was unable to talk the two boys into an overnight camping jaunt to Fish Creek, which meant Wen, Erin and the Toyota got the call. Perhaps it is past memories of the area recalling pancakes on a stick, not sure; but, Fish Creek usually gets her nod. We’ve enjoyed some nymphing on the lower sections a time or three in the past. This trip there was little fishing. I fished briefly and caught some dinkers on Mr. Adams, but mainly fought off the sun’s heat. We did enjoy catching up on life, which is part of the joy of camping. I asked about what had been read during the prior school year and Poe had been on the list. I happened to have brought along Poe’s Complete Stories and Poems, which I enjoy. Something about a camping excursion, re-reading and discussing The Tell-tale Heart, The Mask of the Red Death, and various other Poe works. No fly on the tent, under the stars and a clear sky, the night air had a particular chill. The next morning, I particularly enjoyed reading A Predicament prior to our hike to Schley. Poe’s humorous version of the Scythe of Time. Schley was beautiful, as always. Something about Surveyor and the Idaho line. Hiking on the edge.schley-gt

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