Riding with a Son

snowbowl overlook

Back through the Journals of Old,
of past Tales Written and Untold.

“You want to go for a bike ride?”
So asked the son much to the father’s surprise.
“Sure,” came the reply.
“Check to see if your shoes still fit,” said I.

So he checked and the shoe’s did.
Off we went, back to the Rattlesnake.
Missoula’s Rattlesnake.
Close to Heaven.

‘Twas to be a short simple effort,
up to the old Red Structure.
Starting with Rick’s Test,
a brief balancing check above the creek.

We climbed instead up Stuart. Ruts,
roots and work. Hike a bike sections.
While waiting happily,
I repeated attempting difficult climbs;
including a last section above the junction,
which after a fifth go,
I hiked as well.

todd on a bridge

Snowbowl Overlook.
Here it occurred.
I gleaned the past.
Old journal entries.
Green and white jerseys.

Down, down, down we descended.
Your rear tire off the ground here and there.
“Elbows out and butt back,
feather the front,” I reminded you recalling
the method prior.

Before me I saw
the Devil’s Slide,
Jenna Brimmer,
Missoula XC,
and a past Father’s Day Kinda Cup.

Fishing the St. Joe.
The Mouth of the Selway.
The Lochsa and green, cool
post race shade.
Moss and Glacier Lilies.
Old journal entries.

Now, to buy a used Subaru.
Ride on, son! Ride on.
ricks test

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