Fare for Blackbirds

photo-4Fare for Blackbirds

Brightly you danced, like yellow and red stars in the daylight.
Found in a yard, above a small wooden fence.
First domesticated by American tribes,
Bread, a snack, cakes.
But fare as well for blackbirds,
resting on your illuminated face.
Plucking dark seeds – a  harvest.

High upon the mountain were you found,
not far below Stuart Peak.
While resting, waiting on a fellow rider, my son,
I spied you, yellow, atop your celestial green canopy.
Bold as brass, you held your lofty post.
You hunted without a web,
Briefly a fly within your grasp,
Only escaping to be a meal for another.
Fare for the blackbird are you as well.


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