Last Night

Last night I pulled out and watched Bonhoeffer, a movie that resides on the shelf next to Shadowlands (C.S. Lewis) and To End All Wars (Ernest Gordon).  I’ve owned these movies for many years and return to them occasionally to reorient my compass. Bonhoeffer was a Christian theologian who was put to death following a time in prison after the discovery of a plot he was involved in to assassinate Hitler.  Bonhoeffer’s comments on the Sermon On the Mount are compelling in that he reveals the unavoidable fact that we are all “sinners.”  His comments were also ironic given his fate.

I returned to Luke 6 to reread the section followed by Isaiah 53 for reaffirmation from the old of the new.  Actually, I’ve been reading Luke 6 pretty often lately.  Amazing writing and the highest order.  What Bonhoeffer meant by his remarks was that man is totally depraved.  The ability to follow to the full extent the lesson on the mount is beyond one’s capability and we find ourselves yielding to grace and faith.  Luke 6, however, outlines quite well what one should strive to follow and pass down through the generations.  The will of God.  The incomprehensible.

Post Script:  Matthew 5 is the Sermon on the Mount, Luke 6 is the Sermon on the Plain.  Both contain the Beatitudes which Bonhoeffer alluded to in the work above.


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