Understanding the Relevant

brown troutIt was a beautiful morning in Missoula with few clouds and warm June temps. We had discussed the night prior how to spend the day, trying to decide if we should take out the raft or canoe the next morning or fish from the bank. After continued consternation, late this morning we finally decided to give the rivers one more weekend prior to taking out the fishing raft.spKnowing full well the stream would be packed, we decided to drive out to Rock Creek anyway. The Salmonfly hatch was still on and perhaps we would be able to catch a decent hatch today with the warmer weather. Each time I drive out to Rock Creek old memories resurface of the many episodes that have occurred in the drainage. I pointed out to my sons today a cabin Molly once rented for a surprise birthday party she threw in the early nineties when I was still an undergrad. Todd pointed out today past grouse hunting up Brewster creek and throughout the upper reaches which eventually wind down to the Willow area. Often hunters put in for a Bighorn sheep tag in the region, only to find prior to fall a disappointing letter from FWP saying that the lottery attempt had not been successful.salmon fliesWe’ve spent quite a bit of time camping and enjoying the outdoors together over the last few decades along this creek. Today with my two boys was simply another journey into one of Missoula’s backyard playgrounds. The regulation’s permit youth under 14 to fish with worms. This can be quite entertaining for the youngsters if things come together. I recall Todd bouncing a float through a section, after dragging it off of the distant bank, and watching the float sink ultimately resulting in a smiling boy with a significant rainbow. Today, the objective was simply to relax and spend some quality time together. Seth would try the bait option while Todd and I fly fished. As one can note from the attached photo, the Salmon flies were abundant, but the fish had been well educated, refusing the artificials. When we first arrived at a hole, Todd’s interest picked up when he watched the flies in the photo get swallowed up in an explosion on the water’s surface after someone pitched them into the rip.toddThe fish pretty well won out today with the exception of one small brown that I caught on a Stimulator pattern. Seth missed a strike. We all enjoyed another fine afternoon together, however, understanding the relevant on Father’s Day.

2 thoughts on “Understanding the Relevant

  1. Mr. Cymbals

    Good to see you writing again, and good to see activities of a great father on Fathers Day! See you out and about….


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