Great Falls River Trail


I spent Saturday in the Helena area enjoying watching our youngest, Seth, play soccer with the FC Missoula club. The Helena weather was blustery with wind and rain. Molly was in Missoula enjoying Erin’s volleyball. Driving back to Missoula from Helena, I reflected on how much fun we’ve had traveling with our three children to their many activities.20130505-143200.jpg

I woke up early again this morning hoping for better weather for the drive to Great Falls. I had the carpool duty for the day taking Todd and two other teammates to their MT United practice.

The drive through the Blackfoot Valley is always worth the trip over to Great Falls. Today the drive over was in sunny, warm weather. This was most welcome, especially since I decided to bring along Jake, my cyclocross bike.

We made it to practice on time for the boys. I decided to leave the vehicle in the soccer field area, and see if I could find a scenic area to cycle. I managed to wind my way over to the Missouri and happened upon the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. 20130505-143229.jpg

There is a beautiful riverfront trail that winds along the Missouri. The trail was busy with folks enjoying a jog or ride. Some of the area history (see photos) is hard to imagine. The rise of the copper industry on the heels of the early adventurers is still evident in some areas.

There was a fellow fly fishing not too far below one of the dams. The Missouri holds most species of trout (and quite large ones,too) along with the occasional walleye. This had me thinking a touch about the Blackfoot along the drive back and some favorite sections. That will have to wait ,however, for the next excursion out, as we did not bring along the fly gear this trip.20130505-143247.jpg

The boys have had a nice practice (still ongoing as I type this afternoon). The practice area rests alongside Maelstrom, which has been active today with the occasional hele fluttering overhead. 20130505-143258.jpg

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